Developer - Teacher - Maker

I Love to Teach

I love web development, and I love to share my knowledge with everybody. I get to teach full time at Treehouse as well as write for Think Vitamin and produce Doctype. I also speak at conferences like FOWA London , ConvergeSE, & Made by Few.


Code Racer

Code Racer Logo Code Racer is a multiplayer web coding game built by the team at Treehouse in 4 days. It was built with Node, Spine, and CoffeeScript. I managed the client server interaction that managed the real-time communication between clients. I also worked to create the interactive UI which the players used to type their code and keep track of the game.


Brickify Team Brickify allows you to turn your images into real life lego creations. When you supply an image, Brickify will deconstruct it and build you a schematic for turning your image into a lego sign.

Brickify runs entirely within the web browser, using JavaScript and canvas to analyze the source image and create the optimal plan for the brick project. You can check out and contribue on Github.